Kampa Roast Master Double Hob & Oven

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The Roast Master Double Hob & Oven from Kampa is made in stainless steel and has two 1.5kw top burners and a 1.0kw oven. This cooker runs off any regulated bottled gas. It also comes complete with side wind shields to avoid the burners being effected by adverse weather conditions etc.
It is compact in size and perfect for families looking to cook with more variety. It also gives the option to re-heat meals in the oven or to cook foods that you would have had to avoided with just the two ring configuration.


2 in 1 combo hob and over
Combines compact size, portability and cooking power
Stainless steel insulated shell
Porcelain enamel hob top
Hob with two powerful, fully adjustable, brass burners - up to 1.5 kW each
Matchless ignition - just turn control know to ignite hob or oven
Lid and windshields protect burners in windy conditions
Powerful 1.0 kW oven burner with flame failure safety device (FFD)
Oven temperature fully adjustable - up to 300 degrees 
Porcelain enamelled oven interior - easy to clean
Glass viewing window in door
2 removeable chrome plated shelves
Oven temperature gauge
Dual carrying handles
Works from most popular gas cylinders with appropriate regulator (NOT SUPPLIED)


Weight 15 kg
Oven dimensions 41 x 27.5 x 21 cm

Size 54 x 31 x 46 cm