Trangia 25-2UL

Immediate despatch

The trangia 25-2 UL is one of the larger in the series suitable for 3-4 people. It comes complete with 2 pans (1.75l & 1.5l). It also has a frying pan which measures 22cm wide and a 0.9 litre aluminium kettle. The set is perfect for backpacking, fishing and family camping trips. It is extremely light weight at only 1055g and is perfect for use in all weather conditions. Simply fill the burner with your methylated spirits and light. You have a windshield that is positioned over this and you then simply pop on top your chosen pan. The 25 -2UL is 'Ultra Light' as it is made from aluminium. This helps to conduct the heat quickly and evenly to ensure that the food in the centre of the pan does not burn.