Vango Pillow Square

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The Vango square black pillow is ideal for camping or even those long journeys in the car. It has a lovely soft fleecey comfortable side and the other is shiney polyester.

  • Single Hole Siliconised Hollow Fibre Insulation - Siliconised fibres reduce matting of filling, increasing durability and maximising the lofting potential for extra warmth. Retains loft in damp conditions
  • Colour co-ordinated Stuff Sac with Drawcord - Stylish and easy to transport
  • Polair® Fleece - A comfortable, soft touch micro-polyester fleece that features aluminised reflective interlining to reflect radiated heat back towards the user for extra warmth. It is breathable, durable and easy to care for.
  • Fire-Resistant Finish - Inhibits the ignition and spread of flames complying to safety regulations
  • Fully washable.
Weight: 0.25kg
Essentials Range: Sleeping Accessories
Length: 50.0cm
Width: 35.0cm
Height: 0.0cm
Stuffsac included.